Wednesday, August 17, 2016


It it weren't for my friend Marsha, over at Sincerely Reluctant Writer, I would not have posted tonight. Isn't that wonderful, though? It's been two weeks since my last post and I've been doing a great job unwinding and taking care of myself before chaos of school sets in. Simply by updating her blog and telling me about it, Marsha kick-started me back in the right direction of posting. That's awesome!

So, I've been busy relaxing--but, I have not stepped away from different forms of writing and feedback. I have been writing notes to my husband on the mirror, in notebooks, and on lists. I have a special project about this that I will reveal later in the year. My husband is a creative writer, so I recently read his short story progress about a dwarf named Rahn and gave him my feedback. He amazes me in how dedicated he is to setting aside writing time every day--he even sets an alarm and timer!

I've also been busy reading! I'm reading A Night Divided every night before bed. This has caused many restless mornings, as I have stayed up late finishing chapters. I am reading this book because the author, Jennifer Nielsen, will be visiting our school this year! What I like about this book so far is the headstrong protagonist, a girl named Gerta. She reminds me of myself, and my mother, in her tenacious attitude and perception. Although unconventional, I am also reading a video game. Yes, you heard me--a video game! I am currently playing No Man's Sky and there are many interactions with aliens that utilize dialogue and decision-making that move the story forward.

I'm excited to post again next week!

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